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Shift happens

When things SHIFT big time 

There's nothing to do but roll with it 

And see where it takes you.

I'm going through a massive shift in my business right now,

And I never thought I'd find myself here.


It's exciting

And thrilling

And I love waking up each morning now to this new feeling of

Oh my God - I can't wait to work on my work...

But it's also a bit

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The Second Best Time

There are times I'm really hard on myself.

Asking questions like, "Why didn't you do that 20 years ago?"

So today leave that all behind.

The past is gone.

Sitting here in the present

I know

That the second best time for you or me to

Take the leap

Publish that book

Talk to her

Listen to him

Start the business

Plant the idea


It is the only time.

And twenty years from now, 

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Take the call or hang up

Picture the scene.

Lunch is finished.  Toys scattered.  Kids asleep.  

The house is quiet....shhhhhh....

This was when I would get out my computer or journal and work on whatever idea was evolving at the time.  

Sometimes I was freelancing.  Then I wrote a book.  Then I published a book. Then I started planning yoga classes to teach.  Then I opened a yoga studio.  Then another idea came - was tried on for size - and either set aside or taken on.  

This ALL happened in very short bursts of time.  

During nap time, school pick-ups and drop-offs, even while nursing a newborn.  

Because when inspiration shows up - you have to be there to take the call.  

You can't just completely ignore it.

And what I found was the more I picked up on whatever idea landed in my heart or in my head – the more they kept coming.

It was like I had a new best friend kept whispering in ear.

And sometimes the message wasn't meant for me.  Sometimes I was too busy.  But I always take time to answer the call.  Even if I put it on hold or hang up completely.

So, what ideas have been calling you lately -- and are you listening?

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