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Turned On and Tuned In

Last night was my night to cook, and I was really craving a lot of different fresh foods.  I wanted to incorporate them into a delicious meal that wouldn't be a headache -- and that my family would also enjoy.

So I made a bit of this, and a bit of that.

It turned out as a buffet of sorts - with colors everywhere....

Dark red beets - roasted with herb goat cheese.

Diced mangoes - so ripe and sweet all on their own.

Cooked shrimp in lettuce cups with sesame oil dressing and a bit of minced garlic and kosher salt.

All served with naan bread and big, green lettuce leaves on the side.

I put out some nuts and diced onions too.

It was SO good.  My youngest daughter didn't want to have

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Don't Sell Yourself Short

Okay – this one's pretty personal.  I had an old acquaintance I really looked up to message me and ask for help with publishing their book. 

When I asked if they were interested in coaching or signing up for one of my online programs, this person got really snippy with their words, and told me matter of factly that they didn't want to actually pay for my services.

I sent this person a polite response and explained that I have a business, not a hobby.

Have you ever had anyone treat you this way?

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There comes a time in your life to really look inside and ask yourself...


And if the answer is yes or a little bit in anyway –

Well then, you know what you have to do next –

You have to STOP IT.

And then you have to 


Right now.

Stop playing small and step into your greatness.

Be the person you are here to be –

NOT a small, teeny, tiny version of yourself.

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