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This is Your #1 Priority

This morning I overheard my oldest daughter knock on our bedroom door and tell my husband that she needed my help with something.  

He said, "Your mother is meditating right now.  I'll be out in just a second."  

Then I heard the door close.

I thought...Wow.

What a shift from several years ago.  My husband and kids have always been supportive of me and my needs.  

But this was different.


If you told me several years ago that this exchange of words between my daughter and Jeff had happened, I would have said, are you kidding me.

And looking back now, I now know why.

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Yesterday I got a call from my husband saying that there's a boil ordinance in our city because of a water main break.  I hung up the phone and got back to work.  

Then it hit me.

Water main break - meaning I can't drink the water I'm drinking right now?

I poured it down the drain.

The kids came home from school, and I explained what was happening to them.  

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