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Turned On and Tuned In

Last night was my night to cook, and I was really craving a lot of different fresh foods.  I wanted to incorporate them into a delicious meal that wouldn't be a headache -- and that my family would also enjoy.

So I made a bit of this, and a bit of that.

It turned out as a buffet of sorts - with colors everywhere....

Dark red beets - roasted with herb goat cheese.

Diced mangoes - so ripe and sweet all on their own.

Cooked shrimp in lettuce cups with sesame oil dressing and a bit of minced garlic and kosher salt.

All served with naan bread and big, green lettuce leaves on the side.

I put out some nuts and diced onions too.

It was SO good.  My youngest daughter didn't want to have

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Are You Craving Chocolate and Peanut Butter?

First off, I have to apologize.

Maybe you weren't craving chocolate and peanut butter, and now you are. bad.

Well, here's the thing –

I woke up this morning and was really craving that yummy combination of chocolate and peanut butter.  Was I going to find my favorite chocolate bar and spread peanut butter all over it?


But I was having a serious craving and really something that would satisfy and get me through my full morning schedule.


Here's the smoothie that did it (and the recipe below).

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