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Back to School

This summer has been so full of spontaneity, fun, and yes...some sibling arguments ;)

But all around I've loved having the kids at home during summer break, and purposely created a business around me being with them during this time.

And I'll love it when they head back to school too. Life is all about the ebb and flow of the seasons...

Years ago, I set an intention to create a business doing what I love and doing what I love from home.

This type of life/work situation has its ups and downs...and it's not for everyone, but what I've learned is this...

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It was always up to You.

As I sit here this morning, writing these words, 

I'm reminded of how easy it is to do what I love.

Then I remember how all the days before today and

All the work leading up to this point

Of right now –

That brings me to feel this way.

I've always been doing what I knew I was meant to do at any given time.

It was always up to me.

Sure – outside circumstances were not usually happy with me,

And I can count on more that both hands the number of people in my life that

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Shift happens

When things SHIFT big time 

There's nothing to do but roll with it 

And see where it takes you.

I'm going through a massive shift in my business right now,

And I never thought I'd find myself here.


It's exciting

And thrilling

And I love waking up each morning now to this new feeling of

Oh my God - I can't wait to work on my work...

But it's also a bit

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When You Love The Work

What keeps me from doing the work I'm meant to create and do?

Where and when does resistance show up in my work?

It shows up in my other roles.

As a mother

As a wife

Trying to keep it all together, every single day.

The balance is this.

Picture a teeter-totter 

Al little this way, a little that way

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