Going Somewhere

— Winnie-the-Pooh (Christopher Robin)

I absolutely love this line from Christopher Robin. The energy behind having an idea or a direction to head in and then letting it come to you. This seems to be a natural occurrence when we are doing what we love.

And when we do the opposite

Pushing and pulling ourselves into a future that isn’t here

Life can get hard and can feel really messy.

I was talking with a client the other day who manages multiple businesses and we took a look at everything she had on her to-do list for the day.

She didn’t know where to start and I suggested we step out of it and look to what wants to be created and give that


All the love, time, and attention.

Treating it almost like a newborn baby.

In my experience, this can do a couple of things for us:

  1. It gets us out of our thinking about having a list in the first place.

    When you put all of your focus into just having ONE thing, that’s it. You find yourself fully engaged with the task at hand – no matter how small, easy, difficult, or courageous you ever made it up to be.

  2. We end of up seeing that the other items on our list are:

    • no longer needed or important

    • meant to be delegated or handed off to someone else

    • suddenly really easy and fun to do and somehow happen with just a bit of effort

And we move from there.

This means that whatever we have on our plate, no matter what we’re up to in the doing of it – we only ever need to simple Show Up and be present in the moment to what is now.

Here’s an experiment to try just for today (or even a whole week). Warning: You may end up loving it.

Pick ONE THING from your list and move from there, doing whatever occurs to you to do ALL DAY LONG or all week long, and just notice what happens and see what you see.

You can still keep little reminders on your phone or your calendar and you don’t have to throw away your post-it note collection. Don’t worry, I won’t tell if you won’t.

Those things can feel comfortable and I’m still using them like training wheels. I mean, OMG what if I forget something??? The world might come crashing down – right?

But they’re here with me now because I still kinda like the feeling of having them around.

And a day may come when they fall away too. x


Molly Downs