Is Life Experiencing You (or is it the other way around)?

I was discussing with a client yesterday the nature of insight and how we often feel limited in using words to describe what we’re experiencing.

I then found myself saying these words to her: You know how people often talk about going on this journey called life, seeing next steps as we go and experiencing life.

When actually – we aren’t experiencing life. Life is experiencing us.

I don't know why I said it. We both just sat still for a moment.

What I noticed later was how when I look at the idea of life experiencing me or life experiencing us vs. me experiencing life or us experiencing life – everything looks clear and open.

The boundaries I’ve claimed for myself and decisions I’ve made don’t exist in the same way anymore.

Life is experiencing Me and You and Us.

Then the quote from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin popped in mind, “You Are Not a Human Being Having a Spiritual Experience. You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience.”

I’m not attempting to deconstruct this beautiful notion, however, I saw another layer in it:

We (as Spiritual Beings or Human Beings) are just being experienced. Period.

And I’m wondering as I type this, why even explore this insight?

It took me to this very spot of knowing that whatever path I take on this discovery called Life, there is literally nothing to do except what makes sense in the moment.

Before I start judging myself as Good Bad Right Wrong Silly Inspiring Hopeful Crazy Perfect….

None of that matters.

It looks like I’ve come up against the word problem again as I described at the beginning of all of this - that sometimes it seems like words just limit us in sharing deep insights.

I’m still going to keep pointing and trying and sharing…not for you to agree with me.

But so you see what you see. Maybe something different and clear about having your experience with life (or the other way around).

Or both. ❤️


Molly Downs