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It's been nine years now since I lost my baby daughter, Siena.  

She was stillborn at 20 weeks, and it was really unexpected.  

For me, April 6th symbolizes for me the never ending love and bond between a mother and her child.  It's still a raw feeling after all of these years, and although I have some so called "closure" I don't feel closed off to anything about her or the feelings I have when I think about her and the gratefulness of being her mom.

Today also signifies the start of my own journey all those years ago; and a completely new way of my view towards life, its preciousness, my complete devotion to the practice of living and breathing in the present moment, my belief in reincarnation, and my writing – my work.

When I lost Siena, and the jolt I felt hit my entire being, woke me up to a new way of life.  

I began writing again, and began an ever constant search for more meaning.

After nine years, I know this for sure.

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