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Just Ship It

I did a little experiment a couple of months ago.

I wanted to write a book and ship it – Fast.

At this time I had written and self-published two short non-fiction books: Letters to Siena and Follow Your Intention.  

They are both really close to my heart and were written because they had to be written.  

And now that I think about it – all of my ideas and books have come to life that way.

Because they had to.

So back to the experiment.

My life is pretty full of to-do's with my kids and life stage (I'll be turning 40 this fall...) and I wanted to try to write and publish a book in just 10 days.

And I did.

And it was incredibly easy.

Sure, the book isn't a long form novel or anything that goes on and on in beauty and prose.

It's a short non-fiction read – that takes you through the process of writing a book in 10 days.  You can also use it as a tool to do pretty much anything in 10 days.

This week I'm running a promotion with Amazon this week; and the book is Free today.  So far it's been downloaded over 140 times in the past 3 days.  

If you want a copy, click this link to go to Amazon:

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