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2 Reasons Why Your Mindset Shift Isn't 'Working'

When I'm coaching someone for the first time, one of the initial questions or roadblocks they're experiencing is often brought up front and center in that initial conversation.

And it lands like a TON OF BRICKS.

It's like a heavy backpack they've been carrying for


And that's this:


I've brought it into my life in small ways
I've done the vision board stuff
I've meditated on it
I've visualized it
I've even prayed on it....

Why the ?!^# isn't it here already?

Two reasons:

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You Already Know What You Need

I recently got back from vacation with my family in Lake Okoboji, Iowa.  It brought me to the realization of how being around water is an essential for me.

How about you?

What do you need in your life, and how do you tap into knowing that moment to moment?

Have a listen to my audio for this week:

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Ready for a Breakthrough?

We all have those times in our lives when we KNOW that a shift is taking place. 

We get a small or HUGE hint or message to make some kind of change.

Sometimes it shows up as an inkling to try something new,
Sometimes it shows up as a physical symptom or even pain,
And sometimes it shows you a new way of doing something or a bright idea –

Either way, it usually shows up when you least expected it and in the form of

An inner knowing or gut feeling.

You get an intuitive hit – and it's in these moments that you make one of two choices:

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Save the Day: 3 Steps to a Better Morning

Each day we rise.

And what we do as soon as we get out of bed sets the tone for our entire day.

Do you ever find yourself hurrying out of bed, mind already noisy and your body feels like its on autopilot?

Maybe you literally have a pain in your neck, but no time to notice or tend to it?

This is where the morning ritual comes in to save your day.

Here you go! 3 Steps to a Better Morning...

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