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The Second Time Around

I woke up early this morning to a thinking about...

When we attempt to try something for the second time around

To take another crack at it
Have another go
Take another shot

It can bring up NEW feelings of resentment and all sorts of resistance, and they often come in different shapes and forms.  

When you've "failed" at something once

Maybe it crushed your spirit
Turned you away from yourself,
Maybe it even made you feel worthless

And now...

You're wanting to have another go at it.

Because on the inside you feel


Even though your circumstances on the outside kind of look the same, or just slightly altered...

Either way you're really ready now.  

But deep down're be asking yourself:

"Why should the second time be any different?"  Especially if it feels like you really mucked it up the first go around.

Well, here's what's different now:  

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How To Open Your Mind: New Thought Wants In!

I've been taking a break from "normal life" on a vacation with my family in Okoboji, Iowa.  

Today I'm reflecting on how it almost feels effortless to let new thought rush in once you take yourself out of your element and daily routine.  That combined with the permission I remind myself of on a daily basis has given me a flood of new ideas and new perspective, which is:

Clear your thinking.  Allow new thought to come in.

It's amazing how quickly and easily new ideas, new perspectives and a general breathing space can make it's way into your head and heart when you clear out all the muck.  

I understand that it can feel like part of our human nature to be stuck in old thought. 

I also understand that it's usually responsible for making us feel "stuck" in our 

Old ways
Old habits
Old job
Old life.

It just doesn't have to be that way.

Just for today, give it a whirl.  

Here's how:

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