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Why You're All Lit Up Inside: Goals vs. Commitments

I was listening to an audio training last week by Steve Chandler on having goals vs. commitments.  

I've always understood the concept, but this time it hit me on a new level.  

The whole idea that we can't possibly commit to everything, and if we tried our heads might literally explode.

Okay, a little dramatic...I know. 

But here's the thing that hit me hard –

When we commit to something - fully - and go all out, things tend to fall into place. 

And usually in a way we could have never imagined.

It's when we set a "pretty" goal - without our FULL commitment that things tend to fall apart around it.

So on this day, in this moment, as you read this right now...

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5 Steps To Level Up Now (and my personal experience after a shift)

As most of you already know, I spend a lot of time working with clients and helping others through a challenge or a shift.  

You know - getting from Point A > Point B.

Meeting their challenge
Seeing their goal
Finding their true north
And living on their terms – now - - not later.

What I don't talk about as much as I probably should is this:

What's it like on the Other Side of the Shift (or challenge.)
What's it like when you REACH your goal?
What's it like when you finally have (______) ?

When you find yourself living in the space and time you've always dreamed of - - and this could be applied to a bite sized achievement as well.   To get a better idea of what I mean here, listen to the audio I recorded for this week's Monday Message: RISE UP TO MEET IT.

Here's are my experiences after a shift or goal is met, (more about my latest one soon..) what occurs and how it can feel and 5 steps to receive it.

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