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Why You're All Lit Up Inside: Goals vs. Commitments

I was listening to an audio training last week by Steve Chandler on having goals vs. commitments.  

I've always understood the concept, but this time it hit me on a new level.  

The whole idea that we can't possibly commit to everything, and if we tried our heads might literally explode.

Okay, a little dramatic...I know. 

But here's the thing that hit me hard –

When we commit to something - fully - and go all out, things tend to fall into place. 

And usually in a way we could have never imagined.

It's when we set a "pretty" goal - without our FULL commitment that things tend to fall apart around it.

So on this day, in this moment, as you read this right now...

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5 Steps To Level Up Now (and my personal experience after a shift)

As most of you already know, I spend a lot of time working with clients and helping others through a challenge or a shift.  

You know - getting from Point A > Point B.

Meeting their challenge
Seeing their goal
Finding their true north
And living on their terms – now - - not later.

What I don't talk about as much as I probably should is this:

What's it like on the Other Side of the Shift (or challenge.)
What's it like when you REACH your goal?
What's it like when you finally have (______) ?

When you find yourself living in the space and time you've always dreamed of - - and this could be applied to a bite sized achievement as well.   To get a better idea of what I mean here, listen to the audio I recorded for this week's Monday Message: RISE UP TO MEET IT.

Here's are my experiences after a shift or goal is met, (more about my latest one soon..) what occurs and how it can feel and 5 steps to receive it.

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2 Reasons Why Your Mindset Shift Isn't 'Working'

When I'm coaching someone for the first time, one of the initial questions or roadblocks they're experiencing is often brought up front and center in that initial conversation.

And it lands like a TON OF BRICKS.

It's like a heavy backpack they've been carrying for


And that's this:


I've brought it into my life in small ways
I've done the vision board stuff
I've meditated on it
I've visualized it
I've even prayed on it....

Why the ?!^# isn't it here already?

Two reasons:

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5 Steps to Achieve an 'Impossible' Goal

I remember it like it was yesterday.

The day my daughter Adriana was born. Nine years ago today was her actual due date, which has got me thinking about my pregnancy and how at the time having her seemed impossible.

When we unexpectedly lost our third child, Siena, after 20 weeks pregnancy, having another baby seemed out of reach. There were so many obstacles, and I remember feeling like the day when I'd finally be able to see her and hold her in my arms was only a dream.

But I didn't give up. Looking back now I know the exact things I did each day, taking baby steps to nine months...

Most of the things I had to do where uncomfortable and some days I even felt like I was faking it because I was struggling with thoughts of fear and worry.

Now, looking back it all seems so clear.

When you want something bad enough

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