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The Second Best Time

There are times I'm really hard on myself.

Asking questions like, "Why didn't you do that 20 years ago?"

So today leave that all behind.

The past is gone.

Sitting here in the present

I know

That the second best time for you or me to

Take the leap

Publish that book

Talk to her

Listen to him

Start the business

Plant the idea


It is the only time.

And twenty years from now, 

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You can do so much more

I went to a yoga class last week.

And it so happened to be one of those days where I felt completely connected to my mat, my body and my spirit.  

Do you know what I mean?

One of those times when everything clicks.

That's how I felt.

And the work I did on my mat was different.

I opened up more space in my body,

I was able to do some poses I've never been able to do,

In all these years as a student and teacher –

I was limiting myself.

All it took was the realization and the belief that 

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