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Finding Solid Ground in These Times

I want to take a minute to reflect this morning on the times we live in.


It's remarkable how much I'm hearing and witnessing on a daily basis.  A wide ranging, dimensional combination of sadness AND the courage of the human spirit.  

It's been heavy to say the least.

My heart is fully open and goes out to all those who are suffering in the world.

But how do you stay present and grounded and not let yourself get completely taken over with sadness and fear?

After all, this is the only way any of us can truly help.

It doesn't do me, my family, my clients, or the world any good if I'm in bed and staring at a TV screen completely zoned out.  

It doesn't do you any good to check out either.


What helps is that we WAKE UP within each and everyday.  That we connect with the gratitude and love we can tap into...

As my son said this morning to me, we only need two things right now:


At any given moment.

Inside out (not the other way around). 

So on this official International Day of Peace - - I ask you:

What are you going to DO to stay

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Today is a NEW Day!

Sure, there are lots of bad things happening all around us.

But there is also GOOD.

And sometimes it might be confusing to know how to feel.

Should I feel happy or troubled when the world seems to want me to feel down?

It's more important 


To take YOUR light in whatever form 

And release it to the world.

All of your gifts,

Your goodness,

Your empathy,

Your compassion,

Your love – 


The world truly needs everything you've got.

Pour out love and see what happens.

At the very least you'll feel better –

About how you showed up in the moment

Or talked with that person

Or laughed until your belly hurt

Or finished that project

Or acted on that brilliant piece of work.

And if you feel better - - 

Guess what?

Everyone you touch with your message

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