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Monkey Mind

I had a talk with my youngest daughter this morning, she's now eight years old.  She wanted to talk about how she felt like she was "hearing voices" in her head.

My first reaction was not great.  But then I remembered hearing that it was around this age that kids start to notice the voice inside their heads, the one that I now affectionately refer to as Monkey Mind.

I asked her what it says to her and she told me that it sounded like her own brain talking back to her, basically reassuring of whatever thought was on her mind.

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Why I'm leaving Iowa

This time of year in Iowa is my absolute favorite because I can feel spring moving into summer.

It's when the windows are open and the fresh air is circulating constantly.

I honestly NEED to be in this weather year round.

But I'm not.

And I struggle with it.

Honestly, to fess up - - I have had countless talks with my hubby and kids about moving away from Iowa.

But there's so many reasons to stay...

I love my family that's here

I love being grounded here

I love the schools here

I love the energy of the green grass and the soil.

But I really don't love the winter.

I mean sure, snow is cute to me - (for about a minute!)

And I totally love a nice, warm fire which is completely necessary now for me.

But here's the thing - - 

I'm trying a revolutionary idea on for size, and this is what I'm calling in.

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