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Take the call or hang up

Picture the scene.

Lunch is finished.  Toys scattered.  Kids asleep.  

The house is quiet....shhhhhh....

This was when I would get out my computer or journal and work on whatever idea was evolving at the time.  

Sometimes I was freelancing.  Then I wrote a book.  Then I published a book. Then I started planning yoga classes to teach.  Then I opened a yoga studio.  Then another idea came - was tried on for size - and either set aside or taken on.  

This ALL happened in very short bursts of time.  

During nap time, school pick-ups and drop-offs, even while nursing a newborn.  

Because when inspiration shows up - you have to be there to take the call.  

You can't just completely ignore it.

And what I found was the more I picked up on whatever idea landed in my heart or in my head – the more they kept coming.

It was like I had a new best friend kept whispering in ear.

And sometimes the message wasn't meant for me.  Sometimes I was too busy.  But I always take time to answer the call.  Even if I put it on hold or hang up completely.

So, what ideas have been calling you lately -- and are you listening?

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