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Back to School

This summer has been so full of spontaneity, fun, and yes...some sibling arguments ;)

But all around I've loved having the kids at home during summer break, and purposely created a business around me being with them during this time.

And I'll love it when they head back to school too. Life is all about the ebb and flow of the seasons...

Years ago, I set an intention to create a business doing what I love and doing what I love from home.

This type of life/work situation has its ups and downs...and it's not for everyone, but what I've learned is this...

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Have you ever felt like you're running on empty or running in circles –

Not quite sure 

Where to go,
Who to talk to,

And you just find yourself spinning?

All you have to do to break the cycle or find the way or know the answer –

Is to look within.  

It's all there waiting for You.

And if you experience something you don't like, some sort of contrast –

Just look within.  

You are probably seeing an aspect about yourself that you don't like, that just doesn't work for you anymore that you just want to Change.

Just like that old sweater you used to love.

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