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One Thing At A Time

This month I've been researching and practicing the act of doing one thing at a time.

I've learned a lot about multi-tasking, which I know is really task-switching.  As I delve deeper into my own way of catching myself moving way too fast and doing too many things at once – I'm learning a lot about the negative effects it has on my task list and my life; but mostly I'm learning a whole lot about myself.

What I discovered is that when I really slow down and do one thing at a time, my mind gets a little irritated.  

It says, 

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24 hours is enough

Twenty four hours is enough

To take the leap

Make the call

Write the chapter

Get moving

Find your missing _______.

Twenty four hours is MORE than enough

To stop waiting

To give it your all

To go past your limit

To surprise yourself


What will you do with these oh so precious 24 hours?

Waste them?

Whine about it?

Not take the leap?

Bitch and moan?

Play small?

No way.

Use them as they are

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The Second Best Time

There are times I'm really hard on myself.

Asking questions like, "Why didn't you do that 20 years ago?"

So today leave that all behind.

The past is gone.

Sitting here in the present

I know

That the second best time for you or me to

Take the leap

Publish that book

Talk to her

Listen to him

Start the business

Plant the idea


It is the only time.

And twenty years from now, 

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