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How to shed the old and make way for New

This is the time of year that I always take stock of what's happening around me and within. 

What do I want to shed?  

Extra weight?  Old beliefs?  Relationships that aren't serving me?  

And where am I headed?  

Just for today, take stock of your current state.

Meaning – how do you feel about your mind, your body, your spirit?

Does it feel Light?  Strong?  Maybe tired?  Uninspired?

Check in right now and tap into your stress level.

What are your really holding onto?

Can you take a deep breath, and just let it go?  

Now, how does that feel?  Better?  Hopefully it does :)

I don't know about you, but I'm shedding a lot of old beliefs that I've carried around with me for YEARS.  

And I know why I've held onto them.  

I don't even hate them.

The reason they've stuck with me for all this time is simple.

I needed them.  


I think back to when I first adopted this belief.  And at that time, in that particular situation, as a child, I needed it.  

It protected me.

But, I just don't need it anymore.

So today, my action for you is this:

Get quiet for a minute and ask yourself,

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