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5 Steps To Level Up Now (and my personal experience after a shift)

As most of you already know, I spend a lot of time working with clients and helping others through a challenge or a shift.  

You know - getting from Point A > Point B.

Meeting their challenge
Seeing their goal
Finding their true north
And living on their terms – now - - not later.

What I don't talk about as much as I probably should is this:

What's it like on the Other Side of the Shift (or challenge.)
What's it like when you REACH your goal?
What's it like when you finally have (______) ?

When you find yourself living in the space and time you've always dreamed of - - and this could be applied to a bite sized achievement as well.   To get a better idea of what I mean here, listen to the audio I recorded for this week's Monday Message: RISE UP TO MEET IT.

Here's are my experiences after a shift or goal is met, (more about my latest one soon..) what occurs and how it can feel and 5 steps to receive it.

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Shift happens

When things SHIFT big time 

There's nothing to do but roll with it 

And see where it takes you.

I'm going through a massive shift in my business right now,

And I never thought I'd find myself here.


It's exciting

And thrilling

And I love waking up each morning now to this new feeling of

Oh my God - I can't wait to work on my work...

But it's also a bit

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Your ONE Thing

If you could make a shift in any area of your life, what would it be?

In other words, what is the ONE THING that would be a game changer for you if it happened?

Sometimes we spend too much energy and time trying to make a lot of little things happen, when it would be so much more beneficial if we just focused on that ONE THING that would shift everything.

Maybe your One Thing is...

Doing something significant

Going outside your comfort zone

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