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As your coach I am totally responsible for providing you with the coaching and guidance that will allow you to produce the results that you have declared as your goals and visions. I am totally committed to your attainment of those goals and visions. Together, we are each separately responsible for all the conditions that we live with, in our businesses, communities, families and our world. To remove any possibility of misunderstanding, I am not able to do the work for you. As I coach you, only you are able to produce the results. You have my undivided commitment to serve you, to hear you, and to guide you so that you may produce the results that you have chosen. You will need to participate fully and have a real desire to be coached. It is far more desirable that you have a genuine request to be coached, rather than merely to have given your permission for us to coach you. I am specifically looking for your request to be coached by me so that I know you have requested that coaching. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. I am committed to your visions and you can count on me coaching you so as to attain those visions. Note: Any coaching session may be recorded in audio format and shared for purposes of review only.