Creativity is our natural state.

Then why are there times when we feel stuck or stagnant in a creative endeavor? Why are there moments when we feel completely off our path, off our game, and full of doubt in the thing we want to bring to life?

If you’ve ever started to bring something new into form and suddenly stopped everything, scrapped it all and felt miserable – you’ve probably gone into your thinking.

And instead of creating the next steps in your project, you’ve created imaginary thought monsters and a future result that doesn’t exist.

All that matters is that you notice that you’ve left the Now, and see the opportunity to come back to the

Present moment. Right here, right Now.

If you’re ready to explore a new way forward in your project and all the possibilities you don’t see (yet), and are curious about what it would be like to work with me in your projects, then read on…

Let’s explore the possibilities and head in a direction


Some of the projects I’ve helped people create:

  • Writing and publishing a children’s book

  • Building a website that evolves with them and their work

  • Running a non-profit mission group in Haiti

  • Planning a live event for a grand opening

  • Starting a medical collaborative

  • Rolling out an online course for mentoring clients

  • Creating new services and programs for coaching clients

  • Showcasing a series of artwork online and in their local community

Is this type of coaching right for you and your project?

There are 3 packages to choose from and each is custom tailored based on your needs, timeline and project. Pricing begins at $997. Special payment arrangements are available.

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