Client Experiences

Molly Downs is a very gifted and skilled coach who has trained with some of the best coaches in the world, and this clearly shows in the way she gently but firmly points you in the right direction. Molly has been relentless in supporting me in building my business. I highly recommend working with her!
— C. Beauchamp, Coach and Teacher
Molly has helped me become more clear in my vision, purpose and intentions in my business ventures. What has been especially helpful has been her keen insight into my strengths and her ability to take me outside my comfort zone to explore the infinite possibilities that exist for me personally and from a business perspective.
— Toni Kettner, Owner of Driftless Adventure
I have met no one better than Molly to help you take your projects or vision off the ground. Your coaching conversation with her will be extraordinary.
— Dr. Richard Downs, Founder of
I can think of at least two, maybe three major shifts that took place from my first coaching session with Molly, things that have been stuck for years. She holds the space for her clients to transform their lives in positive ways.
— Amy Kelly, Illinois
Molly is a sincere and compassionate coach. Since working with her, I’ve noticed I’m slowing down more and staying open.
— Pamela Engelken, Soul Balance & Being, Missouri
I have many ideas and am infinitely inspired. Molly’s support in my projects has allowed me to make room for all my ideas, yet has encouraged me to stay focused on one thing at a time. She has helped me focus and prioritize many elements of my vision and calling.
— Jamie Johnstad, Iowa
Molly breaks down everything in such a simple way. My biggest shift has been going from ‘I’d have to dedicate my time 24/7 to my projects’ ‘I CAN be a published author and make writing and publishing work in an enjoyable way, right alongside my other work.’ I can do it now and stop waiting!
— Melissa Cenker, Pennsylvania, Cruelty-Free Lifestyle Vlogger