Learn how to find solid ground and take action on what you want to
Create, Be, Do, and Have now.


The difference between where you are now, and where you want to be lies in the tiny moments where your thoughts meet your feelings.  

It's how you work with your challenge or shift that makes it effortless or painful.  

If you use an inside-out approach (instead of outside-in) your world can change pretty quickly, and suddenly creating the impossible doesn't seem so "out there" anymore.  

And that's because it's already inside of you.

Suddenly, whatever you're struggling with can feel really attainable.  Add a bit of fresh, new thought and the right strategy, and you can experience it – in the here and now.

My only objective is transformation.  

Most people take the outside-in approach and wonder why all of their hustle, mindset, and hard work doesn't make it happen for them already.

They struggle and often give up.

Whether it's a health issue, or has to do with money, relationships, their job or their business – they can't seem to "make it happen."




  • What you really want now - - and why?
  • Explore what's behind your desire or shift.


  • Identify specific actions to take now.
  • Lay out the groundwork for what's in front of you.


  • Get clear on any obstacles and learn how to move through them. 
  • Identify and remove any blocks in your way.


  • Take it to the next level and see what's missing.
  • Explore what inspired action vs. action.
  • Living in the flow of life vs. feeling stuck.


  • Take an honest look at support and where you need it now.
  • Make progress on getting support today and identify future needs.


  • Reflections on your shift and challenges.
  • Look at what's next - now - after your shift?

Are you ready for real transformation?

During this powerful 6 week online program, you'll learn how to find solid ground when you find yourself experiencing a shift or transition and create, be, do and have what you want in your life now.  

You'll choose ONE challenge in any area to take on, and we'll move through it together.

You must be open to magic and miracles as we create the impossible.

Note: This is not a "woo-woo" program.  This program is filled with strategy and practical ways to move you into action and help you experience results quickly. 

You must be ready and open to change and willing to do what it takes to bring their dream life and experience lasting fulfillment.


This is a 6 week online program to find your balance, build solid ground and take inspired action on what you want to Create, Be, Do, and Have in your life now.

This Program Includes:

  • 6 weeks of downloadable audio trainings from Molly.

  • A guidebook for taking daily inspired action and moving through your shift and resistance.

  • Tools and tips for being productive, staying focused, self-care, and more...

  • Access to all of the weekly call recordings.

  • Plus...lifetime access to this entire program!

Total Cost:  $49

Molly is sincere, compassionate and willing to learn along with her teaching and coaching. Since working with her in this program, I’ve noticed that I’ve been slowing down about making decisions and being open and letting them come to me in their own time.
— Pamela Engelken
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During and after our sessions, I felt a sense of both contentment and purpose. Since working with Molly, doors have opened for me, and continue to open.

Molly is an inspiration to me and people everywhere.
— Toni Kettner,
I can think of at least two, maybe three major shifts that took place from my coaching session with Molly – things that have been stuck for years. She holds the vision and space for her clients to make shifts happen and transform their lives in a positive way.
— Amy Kelly, Oswego, IL

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How do I get lifetime access?

Yes. All of the content in this course is completely downloadable, giving you lifetime access.

+ What if I'm traveling during the program?

All of the course materials can be access online while traveling with the option to download and listen to or work on later if you're without internet access.

+ I'm not great with technology, is this course for me?

This program was created with simplicity and ease in mind and is meant to be simple for everyone to access and apply the lessons. If you have a technical issue, please contact support at

+ What is your refund policy for this program?

Due to the digital nature and length of this program, there are no refunds. However, if you need any assistance, please email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.