Apprenticeship for Coaches

Fall in love with your coaching practice.


Details and application:

This is an advanced 7 month apprenticeship program for coaches who want to grow and thrive in their coaching practice and life. 

During the coaching program, you'll work 1:1 with Molly as you tackle and experience each learning curve with laser focus, bringing in methods encouraging ease, understanding and flow.

You'll learn how to incorporate the inside-out understanding that promotes results and transformation for your clients, your coaching practice and your life.

You'll learn how to enjoy the art of enrollment and selling by creating your clients instead of searching for them.

Watch as your coaching style and your clients evolve over the time we work together.

We'll explore and refine each of these areas together:

  1. Desired Outcomes and Commitment
  2. Client Enrollment: Serving vs. Selling
  3. Entrepreneurship and Collaboration
  4. Performance and Results
  5. Conscious Productivity
  6. Creating Your Programs and Offerings
  7. Working with Groups

The Apprenticeship Program for Coaches includes:

+ A 60 minute bi-weekly coaching session with Molly over Zoom video 

+ Unlimited email and messenger access throughout the program

+ Monthly audio trainings

+ Behind the scenes access to me and my practice

+ Personal and business coaching throughout

+ Tracking spreadsheets, tools and resources 

+ Monthly review and feedback of client coaching calls


The Apprenticeship Program is for YOU if...

You desire a HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL coaching practice with just a handful of clients at a time.
You desire a SIMPLE coaching practice and business with ease and flow.
You desire to master both the science and art of coaching.

Cost: $10,500 

Payment options are available.

If you are interested in behind the scenes access, working with grace and ease, and want to focus on growing a thriving practice in the coming year, apply here.


Who I work with:

I work with coaches who are up to something big in life.

I work with coaches who want to go beyond the usual 10% and fully commit to their goals.

I work with coaches who inspire me.

They care deeply about their personal and professional lives.

They choose simplicity over struggle.

They take risks in their coaching and their business. 

They see what needs to be done, and handle it with grace and ease.

I work with coaches who are open to the unfolding.

They understand how laughter opens up a conversation.

I work with coaches who want to serve their clients powerfully.

I work with coaches who want to explore and love the art of coaching.

I work with coaches who are open to creating the impossible.