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One-on-One Deep Coaching for Professionals 

My clients are highly ambitious and want to make a difference in the world.  Most of them are perfectionists that often struggle with waiting too long to get the help they know they need and instead try to go it alone.  

Are you ready for real transformation in your business and life?  The work we do together will be focused and intense; deep one-on-one coaching that taps into your hidden fears and desires and gives you the strategy and mindset tools to unlock your potential and thrive. 

We work on the fears, the resistance and the power that you have within to take focused action and make decisions based on your desired outcomes and the life you create in the here and now.  

My clients are ready and open to change and willing to do what it takes to bring their dream life and experience lasting fulfillment.  They value their families and personal life deeply, and want their business to be in alignment with their lifestyle.  This is a non-negotiable for them.  They want to build a legacy.

If you're done with going it alone and ready to take the next step, complete the form below to schedule a powerful conversation with me.

Professional coaching packages begin at $2500 and you must be willing to invest your time and energy into making a lasting impact in your life.  If you're serious about making this kind of dedication, your life will transform as soon as you're ready.  Payment options are available.

*As of now, I have openings for 2 new professional clients.  Apply below to learn more.

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"The single most valuable thing I learned from working with Molly is that the reason of WHY I want to do something is what drives me.  Molly reminded me that getting back to the 'why' helps me to make the right choices about all my decisions." – Janie Houselog



Working with Molly helped me to break down my options in such a simple way.  For me, the biggest shift has been going from 'I'd have to dedicate my time 24/7 to writing and publishing to ever put a book out there... so its probably going to be years before that happens' to 'I CAN be a published author and make writing and publishing work in an enjoyable way, right alongside my other work.  I can do it now and stop waiting!’  – Melissa Elizabeth



I have many ideas and am infinitely inspired. Molly's support has allowed me to make room for all my ideas, yet has encouraged me to stay focused on one thing at a time. She has helped me learn to focus and prioritize many elements of my vision and calling. – Jamie Johnstad