On a recent flight home from LA, I was reflecting on my life, especially my more than 20 years of being married to Jeff, and our kids and how much they’ve changed and shifted, and the coaching practice I started a few years ago; and how much it’s evolved and expanded leading me right here to this very spot.


Everything I’m seeing and experiencing right now is pointing me to this open space within and the creation of my first life coaching program.

Up until this point I’ve worked with people mainly on their businesses, start-ups, and writing.  And before that, teaching yoga and ayurveda. 

And as I’m seeing more, I’m open to sharing it with you to see what you see and what transformations and insights pour out of you and into your experience of being alive. Starting today, I've cleared space in my schedule to work with up to 10 people in ANY area of life.  

BIG or small.  You name it.  Parenting, career, money, health, relationships…

No area or project is off limits, unless of course you want me to coach you in doing something that’s a bit slim shady, or not beneficial or helpful to you or others and I highly doubt that's the case since you’re getting this message. It’s far more likely that you’re someone who wants to continually transform the world from the inside-out, again and again, lifting consciousness, and that you often notice what wants to change and what needs a bit more love and light.

SO...for much more ease and flow in your daily life, and for those in your life, coupled with a new sense of purpose and direction, connecting deeper with your essence, your true nature – while seeing through all sorts of seemingly 'impossible' feats together – let's have a chat and see if this type of coaching is a good fit.