Living in Flow Course

Living in Flow Course


Bring your goal, your project, your idea and explore LIVING IN FLOW while bringing it to life.

During this 6-week self-study course with Transformative Coach, Molly Downs, you’ll go beyond your current thinking, explore your goal or challenge, and connect with the NOW to see and work with all of the opportunities right in front of you that you might not notice, until you do!

You’ll also explore these topics:

  • How to plan in the present moment

  • What to do when you don't know what to do

  • How to create and work in your projects on a whole new level

This 6-week self-study course includes:

  • Six (6) weekly action-taking audio trainings

  • Six (6) weekly group call trainings + recordings

  • Lifetime access to the content, trainings and all of the call recordings

Total cost: $29