open and ready

You're ready for the next evolution of You.

You're curious about how your life could be different if fear and limitations weren't holding you back. 

You might not know what it will look like, but you're open to the unfolding of all of the possibilities you cannot yet see.




As you guide we look together in the direction and explore the unknown (and known) space.

New possibilities and solutions unfold.

Where awareness and insight unfolds to create something new that didn't exist before.

Together we experience the unfolding, on the journey together, as it comes to life in real-time.




The journey unfolds in ways we couldn't possibly imagine.  

Stress and problems fall away, new ideas get planted, things get done. 

All aspects of life, just gets.. better. 

What's on offer?

A whole new way of thinking.
A whole new way of living.
A whole new way of being.

Molly Downs is a transformative coach, speaker and the author of three books.

She has spent the past 10+ years as a coach, writer and teacher empowering leaders, coaches and creative types to tap into their gifts and message and share it with the world. Her books and trainings are shared within her intimate online community and with her clients around the world.

You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and read from her blog at

A note from Molly

We are all spinning on this planet doing one of two things:

We are either looking for (or) living in a natural state of health and total well-being. 

We all experience transition and shift at the most unexpected times, when we find ourselves once again looking for purpose and meaning in a brand new place.

You have unique gifts to share and it’s in your nature to want to share them.

You already know what you need;
you just might need some help seeing it.



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I have many ideas and am infinitely inspired. Molly’s support in writing my book has allowed me to make room for all my ideas, yet has encouraged me to stay focused on one thing at a time. She has helped me outside of writing my book, too, in that I am learning to focus and prioritize many elements of my vision and calling.
— Jamie Johnstad

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