This is FOR You if you want to:

  • Build your online business – your way.

  • Create a sustainable income with your services.

  • Have the choice of managing your own website and tech or outsourcing.

  • Create new offerings that your clients and customers can experience virtually.

  • Connect with new people in creative and different ways (other than Facebook and Twitter).

Yes? Then keep reading…

I’ve experienced yo-yo income and trying to make the numbers work while at the same time putting my soul into my business. I had fun and heartache along the way, but I always told myself that because I was doing what I knew I was meant to do in the world (sure I had my doubts from time to time…) that I should keep moving forward.

I see now that I was busy gathering through my 10+ years of online business, self-publishing, personal and business coaching, and before that, an Ayurvedic health and yoga studio, all of the tools and resources and experiences that would prepare me for

This very moment, RIGHT NOW.

I’ve experienced $500 months and $1000 months and even $5000 months in my business…

Until recently I broke through some sort of made up of ceiling that I know only existed in my thoughts.

My income jumped from a consistent $5000 to $10,000…and then I had my first $23,000 month…

I saw for the first time that there is NO ceiling and all of my thinking about money was just made up.

And then it floated away, just like that.

Here are 4 of my takeaway truths from this experience:

  1. There really is something to UNLOCKING our potential.

  2. We have to SEE it for ourselves to unlock it.

  3. Doing less is really doing more.

  4. Our potential is truly Infinite.

Limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.
— Oxford English Dictionary

What do you actually

No rules.
No shoulds.


unapologetically, You❣️


Here’s how this 1:1 program works:

  • We first meet for a 3-hour Mini-Intensive (with breaks) and dive into the new Vision for your business and life.

  • We’ll get together bi-weekly for a 60-minute video or phone call to build on strategy and momentum.

  • You’ll have UNLIMITED VIP email, text, and messenger support between calls.

  • I’ll also be sharing ALL of my TOOLS and RESOURCES.

You’ll get:

  • A 3-hour Vision + Strategy Mini-Intensive over Zoom video or in person

  • Six (6) bi-weekly 60-minute sessions spread out over the 90-day period.

  • UNLIMITED VIP Text + Email + Messenger Support between calls.

  • ALL of my Tools and Resources.

Program Dates: OCTOBER – DECEMBER 2019

Your Investment: $2997 *flexible payment plan available.

Pay in full and save $199 (or) Pay flexible: (4) bi-weekly payments of $799

>> Only 5 spaces are available at any given time for this program.

>> Chat over messenger or set up a call here to see if it’s a good fit for you.