Working One to One with Molly Downs

For the past seven years, Molly has worked as a both a personal and professional coach in different capacities.

Whether it was helping someone launch their first business, write and publish their first book, to transitioning to a new stage in their business – or improve their health and vitality, there’s always been one central theme.


What all of my clients and students over the years have in common is the deep knowing that they are meant to step into a life that’s greater than anything they could possibly have imagined.  They’re not exactly sure what it looks like, or how to get there.  

There’s something we all share in common, and it’s a connection to something greater than ourselves.  An unlimited potential that we feel inside and see in others when we’re clear and present to our unfolding path.

You're ready to live life on your terms – fully.

You're just not sure how to go from where you are now, with all these ideas in your head, to bringing them to life, seeing them through, delivering your gifts to the world, in a way that only you can.

And you know it's possible.

But not for lack of willpower, you just can't cut it.  You're not really making the money or experiencing the freedom.

And you know you're ready.

Deep down you know that you're not doing what you really should be doing with your time.

Instead, for the most part, you've tried to go it alone.  

And that's served you.

Up until exactly this very moment.


Maybe you've faced some of the challenges my clients have...

How do I find the time to fit everything I need to do in my day?
How do I charge what I know I'm worth?
How do I reach my dream clients and truly serve them?
How do I know what they want and give them what they need?
Can I achieve a life/work balance so I'm truly there for my family?
And is it even possible to live my dream life and serve powerfully at the same time?

My clients are ready for the next level in their business and life.

  • They value their families and personal lives deeply.  
  • They are open to change and seeing what unfolds.
  • They want what they do to be in alignment with their lifestyle.
  • They are serious about having fun in their business and life.
  • They are ready for more ease, freedom and lasting income.
  • They are ready to live in the now. 

There is a minimum investment of $997 and clients pay up to $25,000.

This opportunity will cost you more than money. You must want to also invest your your time and energy and be open to the opportunities unfolding and to creating a lasting impact in your life.

When you say YES to what you want, we'll talk.

And explore transformative coaching together.