Write. Ship. Sell.


Go from idea to selling your book in just 30 days!


Uncover your story and your message using proven methods for connecting to your voice, writing style and your reader.

Learn the different ways to publish your book and choose the best platform for you. You'll learn how to edit your book, design your own cover, and how to outsource it for the price of a cup of coffee.  

I'll be sharing my years of experience in all of the different ways to market and sell your book at signings, local events and stores.

Learn how to promote and sell your book online, and literally make money while you sleep!

This course explains how I did it, and how you can too.

This Is What You’ll Get:

  • 30 days of audio trainings you can download and listen to anywhere.
  • PDF worksheets for taking daily action and moving forward on your goals.
  • Lifetime forever access to all of the downloadable content.
  • Free resources, tools and systems to write, ship and sell your book.

Cost: $97

"Write, Ship, Sell is PACKED with such great information! My biggest shift has been going from 'I'd have to dedicate my time 24/7 to writing and publishing to ever putting a book out there... so its probably going to be years before that happens' to 'I CAN be a published author and make writing and publishing work in an enjoyable way, right alongside my other work. I can do it now and stop waiting! In WSS, Molly breaks down your publishing options in such a simple way. There are so many options out there today for authors – it can get overwhelming. WSS helps you to instantly sort through the muck and stay focused on shipping your book." – Melissa Cenker
"I have many ideas and am infinitely inspired. Molly's support in writing my book has allowed me to make room for all my ideas, yet has encouraged me to stay focused on one thing at a time. She has helped me outside of writing my book, too, in that I am learning to focus and prioritize many elements of my vision and calling."  – Jamie Johnstad


"The single most valuable thing I learned from this program is that my reason "why" I want to do something is what drives me. Molly reminded me that getting back to the "why" helps me to make the right choices about all my decisions, especially my book. WSS included the whole process for me from word choice to picking an illustrator. The biggest shift for me has been trusting other people to believe in my book; however, because I now believe in it to the core, affirms that I am an author."


Do I get lifetime access?

Yes. All of the content in this course is completely downloadable which gives you forever, lifetime access.

What if I'm traveling during the program?

All of the course materials can be access online while traveling with the option to download and listen to or work on later if you're without internet access.

Does this course include one on one help?

This course includes help in the Facebook group, and message us with any questions you have here.  Click here to inquire about private coaching.  

I'm not great with technology – is this course for me?

Write.Ship.Sell. was created with simplicity and ease in mind and is meant to be simple for everyone to access and apply the lessons. If you have a technical issue, please contact support at help@mollydowns.com.

Got a question?  Looking for help?  Send us a message.


Got a question?  Looking for help?  Send us a message.